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23 November, 2012

Resetter Epson Stylus Photo 1390

Need adjustment program or software resetter for Epson Stylus Photo 1390, download the software from download link below. To use this software is easy but this software only work on Windows XP. If you use newest windows version such as windows 7 You can use comparability mode to run this software without error. The unique feature on this software, this having shipping setting in maintenance menu feature. This function is implementing in case of nozzle expulsion troubles caused by the transport. This function will cleaning the printer and performed automatically when the printer is turned on.
Epson Stylus Photo 1390 is a Spectacular Epson printer and this printer can print Up To A3+ Size. Other feature, this printer using cost-efficient INKdividual cartridges to rediuce cost when printing.
Epson Stylus Photo 1390
Reset waste ink Counter using adjustment program Epson Stylus Photo 1390
  • Turn on the Printer.
  • Set date setting in your computer to 4 October 2007.
  • Run Adjustment Program by clicking “AdjProg.exe”.
  • Select Accept
  • Select Particular adjustment mode
  • Select “Waste ink pad counter – OK
  • Click Initialization to reset current protection counter to “Zero”.
  • Turn off printer and turn on again.
Download adjustment program or software resetter for Epson Stylus Photo 1390, You can download from this link: Download Adjustent program Epson 1390

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  1. Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life. See your printer documentation.